FYI: Greens don’t get no respect

I just wanted to share this because Ian and I found it so interesting.

As we were flyering for the upcoming Green Party of Suffolk fundraiser, I stumbled upon a poster of another event which looked interesting, posted at a Borders by the mall.

The poster was from the organization -Music for Peace. It is my understanding that this group started here in Long Island, and is probably based here.

The poster was for a powerful, musical presentation by Winona LaDuke. It mentioned Winona’s whole biography. And, described Winona as a “former Vice-Presidential candidate.”

But, it didn’t say what party. Actually, it did not say “Green Party” on the whole flier.

I found it amusing. Not sure if it reflects Winona’s feelings, or M4P or both. But, darned, all that work on a campaign, and they can just forget us?

I had heard that Winona was not pleased with things that Nader did to her and/or the Native Community in his 2000 campaign. Wonder if Winona is totally lost to the Green Party?

Also, do people in other places have trouble getting groups to write “Green Party” on fliers when they are in coalitions? The peace network here has excluded us for years, even when about a 1/3 of the people at any given meeting are often green.


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