April 29, 2006 NYC March for Peace, Justice and Democracy

Dear Sisters and Brothers,  

Mid-March, 2006
An historic March for Peace, Justice and Democracy is taking place on April 29th in New York City.

We are writing as environmental activists to urge you to join us in helping to spread the word and make this a huge success. A unique coalition of labor, peace, environmental, environmental justice, women’s, civil rights, community-based, veterans and youth/student groups initiated the organizing for this action. It is being organized because our lives depend on it.

In 2006, Bush’s policies of lying and spying, of war, increasing poverty, budget cuts and environmental destruction will be put to a referendum all around the country in the midterm congressional elections. By marching in large numbers we will send a clear message to the policy makers of this country: either stand with us or stand aside! We are coming together to march, to vote, to speak out and to turn our country around!

As people who care about the environment we are encouraged that this coalition, while prioritizing a call to end the war in Iraq, agreed to include as a major demand, “Act now to reverse the climate crisis and the war on nature.” There is no question but that environmental issues are directly connected to the issue of the war, a war being fought for oil and control of the oil-rich Middle East. We say:

*End the war, and stop the long-term nuclear poisoning of Iraq via the widespread use of depleted uranium.

*Get serious about conservation and efficiency and dramatically accelerate the urgently needed transition to a clean and sustainable energy economy.

*Support environmental justice for Indigenous, low-income and people of color communities most affected by community-destroying energy policies.

There are many things you can do to support this mobilization–endorsing it, circulating this email, making a donation, reproducing and circulating leaflets, ordering buttons, stickers or posters to distribute, talking to friends, neighbors and co-workers, and announcing it at meetings you attend.

Please go to www.april29.org  to find out more or call 212-868-5545.

Let’s unite for change to turn our country around!


Sharon Abreu, Director, Irthlingz

Brent Blackwelder, President, Friends of the Earth

Roberto Borrero, United Confederation of Taino People

Jose T. Bravo, Executive Director, Just Transition Alliance

Mary Bull, Greenwood Earth Alliance

Waverly deBruijn, Student Environmental Action Coalition

Valorie Caffee, N.J. Environmental Justice Alliance

Ronnie Cummins, Organic Consumers Association

Prof. M.K. Dorsey, independent intellectual

Michele Fox, environmental activist

Ted Glick, Climate Crisis Coalition

Eban Goodstein, Green House Network

Dave Hamilton, Director, Sierra Club Global Warming and Energy Program

Loie Hayes, Parents for a Better Future

Connie Hogarth, Hogarth Center for Social Action

Mike Hudema, Independence from Oil Director, Global Exchange

Jane Kelly, environmental activist

Tom Kelly, environmental activist

Russell Long, Ph.D., Founder, Bluewater Network

Coraminita Mahr, Vice-President, 1199/SEIU

Richard H. McNutt, Chairman, STAND of PA.

George Naylor, President, National Family Farm Coalition

Mike Neuman, Wisconsin activist

Nokomis, Native American Alliance of Bucks County, Pa.

Lorna Salzman, N.Y. Green Party

Mike Tidwell, Chesapeake Climate Action Network

Rabbi Arthur Waskow, The Shalom Center

Julia Willebrand, Green Party of the U.S.

Annie Wilson, Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter

Daphne Wysham, co-Director, Sustainable Energy and Economy Network

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