Two blows to Steve Levy’s anti-immigrant strategy

Unfortunately, Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy, a very conservative Democrat, has ruled the roost in Suffolk County, partly by feeding into anti-immigrant sentiment that exists out here in the burbs. Note, that Suffolk County is home of Farmingville, the place, and “Farmingville” the documentary which explores anti-immigrant sentiment towards day laborers. Between that current and whatever political maneuvers the man has, Steve Levy managed to secure the ballot line of all of the 5 major parties–including both the Democrats and the Republicans.

Though, today in Newsday, there are two blows to Levy’s strategy.

Story one is at:,0,6020240.story

Suffolk County minority affairs chief resigns
August 27, 2007
James T. Madore in Albany

The Director of the Suffolk County Office of Minority Affairs, Edwin Perez, has resigned. It has been difficult for Levy to find someone to head this department for him, based on Levy’s actions and attitudes towards minority affairs. In fact, the article notes, the previous Director resigned citing disagreement with Levy’s stance against undocumented immigrants. And, at that time, many members of Levy’s Hispanic Advisory Board also resigned in protest.

Story two is at:,0,3010177.story

Elections may tip political power on Long Island
August 27, 2007
Dan Janison

This story has a much more indirect message about Levy and his stance on immigration. The story shows that while some people may perceive Levy’s cross-endorsements as meaning that he has no opposition, that is not, in fact the case. Three candidates filed petitions to run against Steve Levy. (The article does not mention the even bolder message that one of the candidates – Ahmad Ali Mitchel-El – is specifically running on a platform that includes tolerance for immigrants.)

Maybe these happenings portend a shift in Suffolk County and/or Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy.

Excerpt from Dan Janison’s article, “Elections may tip political power on Long Island”

“SUFFOLK ALTERNATIVES: Levy has locked up the Republican, Democratic, Independence, Working Families and Conservative endorsements. But we Americans have the right to defy the odds. So, appearing on the Green Party line for county executive will be Ahmad Ali Mitchel-El, a lifelong county resident, professional musician and producer for WBAI (99.5 FM). On the Libertarian line, there’s Estelle Edwards, outspoken on such issues as eminent domain. The Integrity Party offers Peter G. Busacca, a home health care manager from Port Jefferson Station.”

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3 Responses

  1. Congrats on your achieving ballot status for your candidate for CE. Obviously, the Integrity Party is competing to get the most votes of the minor party candidates against Levy. However, we are all fighting the same fight against a common foe: a crossendorsed bigot whom the major parties are too cowardly to take to task. I think having three opponents against Levy actually helps all three. This way, News 12 and Newsday can’t summarily ignore all three. Knowing Levy’s massive ego, I know it is killing him that he might actually have to do some campaigning and might possibly have to engage in a public debate. Just the idea that he might have to share a stage with someone other than himself has to enrage him. Good luck.

  2. Don’t agree with someone, so call him a bigot. Very eloquent. At least Levy supports hack poetry on Long Island by continuing to endorse the position of Suffolk County Poet Laureate. Nassau had the good sense to eliminate the position when they investigated and saw that most on the panel, including those who nominated Wheat, lacked scholarly credentials and were, in fact, little more than garden club members endorsing one of their neighbors. So take it easy on Levy and, equally important, the Suffolk Legislature. They may be bigoted in your eyes, but they give a nice title coveted by many of the poets who grace this site.

  3. The word “bigot” is yours, not ours.

    One can disagree on politics, yet appreciate poetry. Ezra Pound is the prime 20th century example.


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