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From Kimberly:

I am very happy to think of new ways to share my obsession with youtube with the world (and my closest friends.)

I have spent hours flipping through youtube, searching for good stuff, typing in “Green Party” and “sort by date” almost every day to see what is new and exciting.

So, if you are interested in seeing the most cool videos–pre-screened to make sure they are not flops–you can go to directly to my YouTube Channel:

OnTheWilderside YouTube:

Please drop me an e-mail if you find something you think I should post. (Not the otters holding hands, everyone has seen that already!)

There are several green collections covering: green candidates, international greens, green art, etc. In addition, I have some non-partisan categories that will be of interest to peace activists and electoral activists. (And, I even set one up that says “Amusing Videos” where I can put up the kids doing parkour and those darned, adorable otters.)

Hope you visit soon.

The above video is catalogued at: This video has bagpipes, Scottish Rastas, and a clown! How can you get more fun that than that?

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  1. This website is so creative. We need political humour.

    “when pies ar eoutlawed outlaws will throw pies”

    “yippies are back!!!!!!! coming to a neighourhood near you”

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