Today: Buy Nothing. Study Peace. (Friday Nov. 23 2007)

Smith Haven Mall in Lake Grove, Long Island
Friday, November 23rd, 3:00 p.m. until dark

Join the North Country Peace Group and other Long Island activists at Smith Haven Mall in Lake Grove. Meet roadside along Route 25 at the main entrance (south side). Today is called “Black Friday” to retailers, though it is called “Buy Nothing Day” to those working for peace & justice.

Why you should BUY NOTHING today…

If you can’t come to the demonstration, at least, please, don’t walk past us and go shopping. Take an action: Take a nap. Read a book. Just don’t shop today.

Many groups have declared the Friday after Thanksgiving as “Buy Nothing Day.” Here are some reasons to not shop today:

1. It shows Bush and company that a whole bunch of people are thinking about the unjust war and trying to slow down the corporate drumbeat which supports the war.

2. You are in an adversarial relationship with the corporations (even the friendly ones, where you buy gift certificates for your family.) If you can resist shopping today, you will help yourself and other working class people win. If there are low sales numbers today, the retailers will lower their prices and order less crap for the rest of the season.

3. Your money is your time. Your money is your energy. You should not be glamoured and cajoled into giving your money up so easily. On command: They hang up the mistletoe and a sign that says “sale”, and you fork over your hard earned money. Guess state of affairs is about every day. (See the principle of “Voluntary Simplicity”– a neat path to relax and become more happy.)


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