Green Party friend on AOL and MSNBC

KW: This is about my green friend Gabrielle Weeks from California.

from APLike often happens, people who tend to be green, also tend to be activists and volunteers in other organizations, non-profits, and people doing the work at demonstrations and events. So it was, that Gabrielle Weeks, found herself as part of a Pride Parade event, celebrating the ruling in California to allow for same-sex marriage. A photo of Gabrielle – a beautiful woman with red hair – holding up a sign that says, “Finally marriage is for everyone” graced the on-line page of and It is an AP photo. Last I checked, it was down from MNSBC. Though, it is still in the flashing montage of front page stories on

[That is about the end of the story. I thought Gabrielle was running for office now, but she is not. So, this is a correction!-KW]

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