The Green Party: What should be the central message?

This morning at the GP-US ANMC in Chicago, there was a workshop called “What is Central to the Green Message: Ecology? Democracy? Social Justice? The panel included Green Party of New York State Co-Chair Gloria Mattera. The panel was moderated by Mary Beth Sullivan of the Global Network Against Nuclear Power and Weapons in Space.

I have been very pleased that the workshops our Green convention have been very participatory. I believe that if you are going to be progressive and committed to the empowerment of individuals, then you should hold meetings and learning sessions where everyone’s input is valued. And, this workshop was a good example of letting the audience give input. I have great video of audience reflections on which is the most important part of the Green Party message.

And, even more profound, was the contribution of a Green from Iowa. With the inspiration of the panel and the audience discussion, Lorelei Barth of Iowa came up with the following visual image about how to build the Green Party message:

A visual chart by Lorelei Barth

The Green Party: A visual chart by Lorelei Barth

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