Folk Groovin’ Café 8/16/08

A warm and supportive coffee house event with spirited music and good times

Saturday, August 16th, 8:00 PM
at St. Lawrence of Canterbury Church, 655 Old Country Rd., Dix Hills (3/10 miles West of Deer Park Rd. (Rte. 231))

w/ THE ADAM MONACO BAND, JIM FRAZZITTA , OPEN TIME. All musicians and poets welcome to share a song or two. (Doors open 7:45 pm)The coffee house is unplugged and completely acoustic.

Jim Frazzita

Jim Frazzitta

Admission $7

Coffee, Tea, and light refreshments served.
Hotline: 631-368-1920

Hosted by JIM FRAZZITTA (singer/songwriter)

Jim has released a new CD entitled Twenty Years Below. It is essentially an acoustic effort routed in folk tradition yet addressing contemporary themes. Jim has played over 300 performances in a 12 year career and his songs have been played on numerous stations across the world including: WBAI, NY; KUMD, Duluth, MN; WBNI, Northeast, IN; WUSB, Stonybrook, NY; KIOS, Omaha, NE; and on the internationally syndicated Folkswagon program out of the U.K. Tonight, Jim will perform a full set of his music including many selections from his new album. Twenty Years Below is available for sale.

Adam engages listeners with his upbeat and expressive music. Lyrically, his songs strike a chord
of sincerity, perspective, and wit. The newest incarnation of the Adam Monaco Band fuses many
different styles and influences which work to expand the horizon of traditional singer/songwriter
music. Adam and the band just finished up recording tracks for their new album due out this fall.

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