McKinney on C-SPAN: revised times, house parties on Sept. 7


*Cynthia McKinney* came to DC and was videotaped in the C-SPAN studio in a *half-hour interview for Road to the White House*, which is *scheduled to air on Sunday, September 7 at 6:30 pm EST *(*NOT 6:00 pm *as previously noted) and *again at 9:30 pm EST the same night*. I think this gives us a unique opportunity of having enough lead time to both get the word out far and wide, list it on our website prominently, capture it that night for YouTube and our site, and organize fundraising house parties with Greens AND NON-Greens alike all over the country.

Every Green Party and other McKinney supporters should have a separate meeting if possible and invite neighbors, co-workers, friends and family to watch the show, discuss the issues and the campaign, and secure contact lists and donations. Those with laptops or computers can capture online donations right there, or provide pre-addressed campaign envelopes. We might need to put up some downloadable items on the website for copying and handout as well. People should also be directed to the website that has yard signs, bumperstickers, and t-shirts for sale, all of which will soon feature the names of both candidates. [Or, the cafepress site which has more items for sale.] some organizers or GP chapters might want to order some in bulk to have on hand to sell at the house parties. I think thousands of dollars and new votes could be earned this way literally overnight.

Specific interest groups that support Cynthia and Rosa’s campaign could also have their members do the same and focus on how the campaign relates to their issues (Hip Hop, 9/11 Truth, anti-war, veteran and GI rights, universal health care, etc.). All the organizers can explain the importance of voting for third parties, or play the acceptance speeches after the interview from laptops or DVDs. OK, hope people agree that this can be a tool for us. The interview went well.

John Judge
Press Secretary
McKinney/Clemente 2008

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