Why I’m Voting for Cynthia McKinney for President

from If Only We Connect

My sister was trying to give me the business for wanting to vote for the Green Party candidate for President, Cynthia McKinney. She suggested any vote not for Obama was a de facto vote for McCain. Firstly, I prefer McKinney’s stance on universal health care and her challenges to the Bush administration while she was a Congresswoman, including voting against invading Iraq. Her voting record upholds the pillars of the Green Party with respect to women’s rights, human rights and the environment. Voting for someone other than Cynthia McKinney would be a vote against my conscience.

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  1. This is the best post I’ve read all day. This is exactly what I’ve been trying to tell people — you need to vote with your heart, vote for the candidate that’s right for you, and to hell with whether or not your feelings conform to the Big Two or not. The point is to get out and exercise your right to vote. This is the most uplifting thing I’ve seen since the Flobots Rock the Vote video. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOk9B1hYr4g) Thanks for this, you really made my day.

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