Newsday: Questions surround Isaac Toussie pardon

Many questions surround New York developer Isaac Toussie pardon made and reversed by President George Bush. —

Many are the mysteries posed by the announced White House pardon of New York developer Isaac Toussie — and its first-in-memory retraction a day later.

The unanswered questions comprise less a who-done-it than a who-done-what — or a what’ll-be-done-next.

Toussie is the 37-year-old real estate operator who admitted involvement in a scheme to inflate the value of the Chandler estate in Mount Sinai, which Suffolk bought for $5 million. He also pleaded guilty to using false loan documents to illegally qualify home buyers for federally backed mortgages.

He’s still being sued by homebuyers in places like Coram and Gordon Heights who charge he fleeced them and practiced racial discrimination along the way.

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