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Friends and fam,

The link below is for a contest I submitted a little solo guitar improvisation to.   The winner will be recording a song with Yo Yo Ma, the famous cellist.  Not to be confused with my sister, Yoyo Yodice, who makes a different type of music altogether.

I’m understanding that the votes don’t necessarily determine who gets that particular opportunity, rather they count towards a ‘runner-up’ type prize, I figure there’s no harm in riding up the ladder.

Could I ask you to take a minute to vote here?

It’s not necessary to join the site, they’ll ask you to enter your email, vote and then check the email and click the confirmation button so they know that the vote isn’t spam generated.


In other news, it looks like the new disc is creeping towards completion.  Phil, myself, and a few good friends have been sweating it out, arranging, rearranging, recording, re-recording, and going just a little grey
.  I have some tracks mixed but likely won’t let them see the light of day until we’re a little closer to the end.   Keep checking the myspace page, that’s where I’ll post them when the time comes…

As soon as I can put together a band to play all this live, we’ll have some shows running…

Many thanks and Happy New Year to you.


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