Long Island Clergy Call for Immigration Reform Tomorrow in Patchogue – Inbox – Yahoo! Mail: Long Island Clergy Call for Immigration Reform Tomorrow in Patchogue 1/22/09

Join Long Island Wins, the Long Island Council of Churches, the American Jewish Committee of Long Island and the Interfaith Clergy Committee of Long Island for a

Call to Action on Immigration Policy Reform by Long Island Clergy
WHEN: Thursday, January 22nd, 11 am
WHERE: Temple Beth El – 45 Oak St Patchogue, NY 11772
WHAT: A press conference highlighting local religious leader’s call to strengthen protections for immigrants on Long Island and to encourage local government, to pursue immigration policies focused on solutions instead of demonization and hateful rhetoric, and to reform national immigration laws. The Long Island Council of Churches will release their Statement on Immigration Reform, which was recently approved by the body’s Board of Governors. Other clergy of various faiths, including the newly formed Interfaith Clergy Committee of Long Island, will also contribute calls for action and reform from our elected leaders to work towards immigration solutions with a focus on creating more just, integrated and welcoming communities.
We are holding this event at a time that is ripe for change: during the first week of the Obama presidency, immediately after Martin Luther King Day, in the wake of the killing of Marcelo Lucero, and while three federal agencies are investigating the incidence of hate crimes in Suffolk County.
This event is hosted by Temple Beth El of Patchogue and convened by the Long Island Council of Churches, American Jewish Committee and Long Island Wins. The Long Island Council of Churches will release the full Statement on Immigration at the press conference.
Contact: Long Island Wins, 526-304-5642
As always, keep checking www.LongIslandWins.com for updated news and pictures from the event.

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