WBAI Election Results (99.5 FM peace and justice radio)

WBAI is part of the national network of Pacifica Radio stations. Broadcasting from New York City, it reaches a wide ranging area, including parts of New Jersey and Long Island. WBAI 99.5FM is community radio dedicated to peace and justice. The station recently held an election. Winners below. Details at read more.

The newly elected/re-elected listener members of the WBAI station board are: Mitchel Cohen; Lynne Stewart; Alex Steinberg; Nia Bediako; Andrea Fishman; Russell Dale; Elizabeth Brown; Betty J. Dopson; Manijeh Saba.

Link to staff results at the web-site: here.

Link to listener results at the web-site: here.An e-mail message with personal comments from Mitch Cohen:


A VERY tight and VERY important election, with the Independents and non-aligned maintaining a 14-10 non-Justice & Unity majority on the Local Station Board.

Attached are the round by round results.

Thank you, thank you — you may have actually saved Pacifica by this crucial vote. (Check out the attachments for details.)



With the ballots counted and scanned, the results of 41 rounds of electronic single-transfer vote counting are as follows:


CANDIDATE                  STATUS
———————–  ————-  ————-  ———————-
Mitchel Cohen               ELECTED — 1st round      1,140 #1 Votes
Lynne Stewart               ELECTED — 1st round      1,135 #1 Votes
Alex Steinberg              ELECTED — 2nd round
Nia Bediako                  ELECTED — 3rd round
Andrea Fishman            ELECTED — 4th round
Russell Dale                 ELECTED — 5th round
Elizabeth Brown            ELECTED — 38th round
Betty J. Dopson            ELECTED — 40th round
Manijeh Saba               ELECTED — 41st round
Camille Yarbrough        DEFEATED — 39th round (1st runner-up)
Austin Kelley               DEFEATED — 37th round (2nd runner-up)
Andrea Katz                DEFEATED — 36th round (3rd runner-up)
Gil Obler                     DEFEATED — 35th round
Sharonne Salaam        DEFEATED — 34th round
Hillary Weiss              DEFEATED — 33rd round
Chude Mondlane         DEFEATED — 32nd round
Chris Farrell                DEFEATED — 31st round
Teresa Palmer            DEFEATED — 30th round
Jonathan Asculai        DEFEATED — 29th round
Frank LeFever            DEFEATED — 28th round
Paul DeRienzo           DEFEATED — 27th round
Arun Aguiar               DEFEATED — 26th round
Carlos Canales          DEFEATED — 25th round
John Brinkley            DEFEATED — 24th round
Linda McDonald Carter          DEFEATED — 23rd round
Berta Silva                   DEFEATED — 22nd round
John H. Reynolds         DEFEATED — 21st round
Terrence Podolsky       DEFEATED — 20th round
Jeffery Peress             DEFEATED — 19th round
Lionel Legros              DEFEATED — 18th round
Myriam Decime          DEFEATED — 17th round
Ken Laufer                 DEFEATED — 16th round
David Barreda            DEFEATED — 15th round
Write-in                     DEFEATED — 14th round
Rolando Bini              DEFEATED — 13th round
Sarah Klepner            DEFEATED — 12th round
Sam Weinreb             DEFEATED — 11th round
Wellington Echegaray DEFEATED — 10th round
Albert Baron Solomon DEFEATED — 9th round
Andrew Aaron            DEFEATED — 8th round
Ebonie T. Grayson     DEFEATED — 7th round
Shanti-Rica H. Josephs DEFEATED — 7th round

Staff (six rounds of vote counting):

Kathy Davis                    ELECTED — 1st round
Janet Coleman                ELECTED — 3rd round
Daniel Vila                      ELECTED — 6th round
Delphine Blue                  DEFEATED — 5th round
Write-in                          DEFEATED — 4th round
Kiera Feldman                DEFEATED — 2nd round
Reggie Johnson              DEFEATED — 2nd round

[Detailed reports of both staff and listener voting arettached and should be linked to website.]

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