Gearing up for a GOP primary in CD1-NY

IW: Ok, I posted this because I’m quoted, and I like Karl.  Karl managed to skip over the mention of Altschuler’s brief time as a Green Party member.  See my prior post Hey Demos, thanks for the free publicity.  As I told Karl today,  I’m not that happy with any of the candidates in the 1st, including Bishop.

Gearing up for a GOP primary.

Years ago Suffolk was a GOP bastion — indeed it vied with California’s Orange County in giving the largest plurality to Nixon. It ended badly for Nixon, of course, with his becoming the only president ever to resign, in shame because of the Watergate scandal. But you wouldn’t know there had been a political problem of historic proportions in his family from the campaign of attorney Cox.

His biography on the campaign website starts off noting he’s Nixon’s grandson. And he recently told the Associated Press: “I’ve honestly only seen the upside at this point. Wherever we go people say that my grandfather was their favorite president.” A Suffolk Green Party leader, Ian Wilder, describes as the “unintentionally funniest Facebook ad ever” Mr. Cox’s “‘Join President Nixon’s grandson in his fight to take on special interests.’ Nixon’s grandson? Take on special interests? His dad is NYS Republican chair. Guffaw. How dumb do you think we are?”

Maybe Cox should contact Sonny Meadows about his campaign song I Never Thought I’d Miss Richard Nixon

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