Wild political guess: Lazio and Levy

Kimberly writes:

When I tell him I am writing this, Ian mumbles, “It still makes no sense.”

I still think it can happen.

Since Rick Lazio, of Long Island fame, is most likely the Republican candidate for Governor of New York, he will need to pick a Lieutenant Governor running mate.

I say, he could pick Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy.

I don’t want him to pick Levy. I don’t like Levy’s politics. Though, it would be perfect for Levy to be the one. And, I don’t think it is outside the realm of possibilities.

For Lazio, it would be the kind of “Team of Rivals” approach, of picking the person who was your competitor. That person has some of your fiercest opposition lined up. Lazio might also believe that Levy would have lists or allies from the Democratic side of the aisle. As a third party activist, I notice that Dem and Rep politicians like to merge, cooperate, and act all “bipartisan” when it is in their interests.

Also, this is Long Island, and Lazio and Levy are Republicans. They might enjoy being two, powerful, upper middle-class men of white privilege joined together in a gentlemanly campaign. (Heck, isn’t that is kind of what the Democrats are doing this year, too, with Cuomo and Duffy?)

For Levy, a Lieutenant Governor campaign would be a great opportunity. He is kind of floundering, having dissed all his Democratic friends and donors to turn Republican. If he runs as Lieutenant Governor, the switch outrage doesn’t even show up, because he doesn’t get his own line on the ballot. He would be an apprentice Republican for one election cycle. And, eventually, he might end up being Governor.

Again, I am not advocating for it. And, there would be a lot of drawbacks, even for their own team. Though, I say that anything can happen. And, I believe there are some twists in the path of fate that could lead in this direction.


If you want to follow all your potential ballot choices for Governor of New York — third party, independent, etc. —  you could try the following sites which have more inclusive lists:



Wikipedia: (They have a separate article for Governor 2010, which is major party focused, but way down, under “other potential parties”, you can find a more comprehensive list.)

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