Guv cand Stein (G-MA) in debate; Someone Bought the MA Media a Calendar

Photo of Jill Stein in 2010

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Media consortium invites Stein to participate in debate.

“Given that the debate falls before that date, we will allow Jill Stein to participate in the Sept. 21 debate,” the consortium said in a statement. “We will reassess after Oct. 1 to determine whether Stein qualifies for the second consortium debate, on Oct. 26.”

It’s bad enough that the Media thinks they can circumvent democracy by making up phony deadlines and numerical goals to keep ballot-qualified candidates out of debates.  Now they finally realize that candidates cannot bend time and space to meet an October 1, 2010 deadline for a September 21, 2010 debate.  I guess someone bought them a calendar.

But this whole thing is just a distraction from corporation theft of our democracy.  MA Guv cand Stein (G) said it best:

“Media that take advantage of the public airwaves should not be in the business of censoring the public debate, period,” she said. “And attaching a price tag to the admission to a public debate is exactly what’s wrong with politics as we know it.”

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