Third Gubernatorial Option for NY: A Green New Deal? » New Deal 2.0

BC: How do you view our current political system?Guv cand Howie Hawkins (G-NY): Liberals have to realize that the Democratic Party is a complete dead end. Obama is all image but not policy substance. If you look closely, he’s really corporate and conservative. Cuomo is the lesser evil. He says he will slash everything. He’s all about fiscal austerity. I say have austerity with Cuomo or Paladino or prosperity with the Greens.

Progressive social movements — labor and ethnic movements, the women’s movement, environmental, peace — it’s time to understand that you’re being taken for granted if your vote is in the Democrats’ pocket. These movements are Charlie Brown and the Democrats are Lucy. The movements ask to hold the football, they say can I get reform, and Democrats say we’ll hold the ball. The movements go out and campaign and they kick the football and it’s not there. We need an independent movement. Labor could fund it — they’ve spent $15 billion on Democrats since 1980. Imagine that spent on an independent party. You could have a labor newspaper, talk radio, a labor party organizer in every county.

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