Live feed from Egypt

Link to Al Jazeera video as posted at Common Dreams:

It has been about 3 hours that the people of Egypt are demonstrating on the street, in violation of the curfew. The video news from Al-Jazeera is reporting that Mubarak has now appointed a new Vice President, Omar Suleiman (also, spelled Omar Soliman) — a “spy chief”, who is evidently “well liked”, but I don’t understand by whom — AND that Mubarak has appointed a new Prime Minister, a former air force leader, Mohamed Shafik.

KW: I found this video with commentary and live feed from the streets of Egypt. Overall, I hope that all sides choose nonviolence, and that President Mubarak and the leaders whom people don’t support step down. I was heartened to hear that among the fighting, there was a string of young men – I am guessing citizen demonstrators – standing in a circle around the museum to protect the collective history from the current uproar. I am looking for signs of reflection, care, and nonviolence in the demonstrations, in hopes that there is a genuine, effective, and democratic aftermath to this situation.

Another update is that a potential opposition leader, Mohamed ElBaradei, is in Egypt. Though, some reports are saying that Americans are the ones with the most belief that he could become the leader of the opposition, or the next leader of the country.

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