Occupy Long Island (or, at least Suffolk County)

An Occupy image from NYC

Update: Info on Black Friday, Nov 25, 2011 demo at Smith Haven Mall: here.

As you may have noticed, onthewilderside is very excited about all the energy to combat corporate greed, address Wall Street injustice, and occupy the world with a new attitude of democracy and cooperation. We have been excited to bring you lots of news about Occupy Wall Street and occupies around the nation who need support.

As the movement grows, there are many occupations that have come to Long Island. Knowing that some folks may still want to go into NYC, and that NYC still needs support, we want to balance our coverage of both regions. Still care a lot about those folks at Liberty Square.

So, we hope to bring you some news and announcement about what is happening on Long Island related to the Occupy movement. We will probably be Suffolk-focused, because that is where we live, and that is what we know. (Also, we are worried that some of the Nassau energy maybe be partisan-based, so, wanting to check out where that is headed.)

Today, Sunday, October 30th, there are two Long Island Occupies that we have corresponded with and checked out a bit. Would be great to attend and see what is happening!

Occupy The Hamptons 3pm TODAY
(Located on the Long Warf in Sag Harbor this week,
inviting the whole East End.)
Sunday, 10/30/2011
GA starts at 3pm

Occupy Patchogue NOON TODAY
Happens every day of the week
Today! Sunday, 10/30/2011 from 12-3pm or later
The Square at at Capital One Plaza

Note about Patchogue: the South Country Peace Group
which holds a ‘last Sunday of the month vigil’ will move t
heir event to ‘Occupy Patchouge’ for
this Sunday at 4pm

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