“99 Silver Bells”: An Occupy Christmas Carol performed by OccupyThe Hamptons

Occupy The Hamptons has been holding demonstrations, marches, and teach-ins. See video below of the song “99 Silver Bells”, performed after a teach-in gathering on Thursday night. And..Sunday, December 11th…please show your support for an occupy march:

12:30pm on Sunday, 12/11/11 – Occupy The Hamptons/Southampton March

Meet in the parking lot behind the Parish Art Museum (back of the store). The focus of the march is to bring awareness to the foreclosure crisis, however, all sign messages are welcome. Please bring red armbands! A General Assembly meeting will follow for those who wish to stay. More info at www.occupythehamptons.com

Video info:

On Thursday, December 8th, Occupy The Hamptons held at teach-in with political cartoonist Ted Rall. There was a potluck, discussion, and music. DMac wrote new lyrics, in the spirit of the 99%, for the Christmas song “Silver Bells”. (See lyrics below.) The video shows DMac performing the song live, with an impromptu, Occupy The Hamptons Choir. The video is by Peace Couple. There are photos of the teach-in event at Flickr: here.

Occupy Wall Street: 99 Silver Bells

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  1. Brilliant, I loveit.

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