Credo supports war-mongering, nuclear-loving politicians

Credo war-monger

I am furious that Credo is still sending out this peace-washing, green-washing propaganda.  This is the second time I have received this garbage.  Credo is pretending that Republican Party is the sole party of war.  The current Democratic President has doubled the number of wars waged by his Republican predecessor.  Credo is pretending the the Republican Party is  the sole party of anti-environmentalism. The current Democratic President has approved the first nuclear power plant to be approved since Reagan. Obama = Reagan.

Credo spends a lot of time telling its customers to engage public decision-makers to change policy.  Yet Credo is not interested in engaging its own customers regarding its politics.   I called the customer service number in order to reach someone in authority about this flyer.  I had to ask mutiple tiomes about speaking with the executive office before the representative got the number from her supervisor.  The Credo Executive Office number is 1-888-507-3247. I reached a Customer Liaison named Yvonne at the Executive Office.  She did not offer her last name.  She refused to put me in touch with a decision maker either in the Executive Offices or in the Marketing Department.  I expressed several times that I was unsatisfied with her just passing on a message.  I have called about similar flyers in the past , and no one even called me back.  I get a better response from my local Republican Assemblyman.  Needless to say, it’s been a week, and no one at Credo has gotten back to me.

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