May Day: Links for Long Island occupiers

Many of our Long Island activist friends will be going into New York City for Occupy May Day on Tuesday, May 1st. Check around with friends from Suffolk Peace Network, or other activist groups, to see if you can find some friends to take the train in with.

Some of us (because of time, money, energy, and/or inclination) will be staying on Long Island to make our stand for peace, justice and The 99%.

Here are some links for Long Islanders who want to Occupy May Day:

Huge May Day post with art links,
and events in 135 cities:

New York City events and links:
The OccupyWallSt website says this morning 5/1, that,
due to the weather, things are still ON, but…
“If you can only make one event, try to come to the
(permitted) Solidarity March leaving
from Union Square at 5:30pm ET!”

An Immigration Rights March in Hempstead: story at onthewilderside: here.

A May Day/Tearwater Tea Party
in Mt. Sinai, Long Island
For reflecting on the injustices in the world.
See info below…

May Day
Tearwater Tea Party

We are so pleased that folks all around the country and the world are
celebrating May Day as a nationwide “Occupy” event, and a General Strike.
It makes sense that if we want the 1% to play fair, pay their share, and end the wars,
that we tell them NO by refusing (for at least this one day)
to work in this unjust system they have created.

We would like to take the May Day message to our neighbors.

Please come to a May Day/Tearwater Tea Party
hosted by Lauren, Kimberly and friends

Purpose: For neighbors, friends, and families to come together
to reflect on the injustices in the world. And, to hope and plan for better conditions for the 99%.

Place: Mt. Sinai Congregational UCC in Mt. Sinai, NY
233 N. Country Road, Mt. Sinai, NY

Date: Tuesday, May 1st
Time: 12 noon to 2pm

Rain or Shine. Outside if good weather.
If rain continues, we can go inside.

Serving light refreshments

For directions, please call the church at 631-473-1582.

Children very welcome. We will be reading a children’s story about Tearwater Tea.

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