EANY: New Documentary Provides “Straight Facts” about Wind Power

From Environmental Advocates of New York:

Film Features Interviews with Wind Farm Neighbors in New York State
(Albany, NY) — New York Wind, a 17-minute documentary featuring testimonials from current neighbors of wind farms in New York State and Pennsylvania, was released today. The film explores the reality of living near a wind energy project and the benefits of wind power development, and also debunks many of the myths about the environmental impacts of modern-day wind farms.

“The best way to learn about wind power is to visit a wind farm and talk first-hand with its neighbors,” said Marion Trieste, a sponsor and an associate producer of New York Wind Power. “For those who can’t make the trip, this film can bring eyewitness information about wind power into classrooms, town boards and living rooms throughout the state.”

“Although wind power has been around for a long time, today’s wind turbines are new to the public eye,” stated David Little of Reunion Power, one of the sponsors of the DVD, “New Yorkers need accurate information in order to make informed decisions about whether to support a wind farm in their neighborhood,” he continued.

“Too often, rumor, exaggerations, and misinformation about wind power have resulted in public opposition,” said Paul Gaynor of UPC Wind, another sponsor of the DVD, “New York Wind Power discusses common concerns and contrasts wind energy with our other polluting energy sources.”

“We hope New York Wind Power will help make New Yorkers more familiar with this technology and its benefits to communities and the environment,” stated Andrew Golembeski of Everpower Renewables, a sponsor of the DVD.

Currently, New York has four modern wind farms operating, with a capacity to bring 246 megawatts (MW) of electricity to the New York State’s electrical grid, providing enough electricity for about 80,000 average households.

“Wind power is a promising source of renewable energy that safeguards our health and reduces our dependence on polluting fossil fuels,” said Larisa Washburn, Program Associate, Environmental Advocates of New York. “If New York State’s wind capacity were fully realized, wind power could supply clean energy to more than four million homes, all the while reducing the air pollution that causes smog, acid rain and the emissions that cause global warming.”

“This DVD brings you the real faces and voices of New Yorkers who live near wind turbines and welcome them, as well as environmentalists who are working to make sure that New York’s electricity comes from cleaner source like wind and solar,” said Katherine Kennedy, NRDC Senior Attorney.

Wind power requires no fuel and is comparable in price to the state’s least expensive hydropower resource. Trieste concluded, “Any New Yorker who wishes to view the DVD can download a synopsis or the entire documentary from the Alliance for Clean Energy New York (ACENY) website free of charge: http://www.aceny.org/.” The website also provides information on how boxed copies of the documentary can be purchased for a modest cost.

In addition to testimonials from wind farm neighbors, the documentary features experts from the University at Albany School of Public Health, the American Lung Association of New York State, Environmental Advocates of New York, and the National Resources Defense Council. Production costs were generously donated by six companies: Reunion Power, Everpower Renewables, AWS Truewind, Environmental Design and Research, UPC Wind, and Trieste Associates. Producer and Host, Chris McClure and Co-Producers, Marion Trieste and Kellen McClure.

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