Reduce your taxes: Support a Living Wage 4/11/06

AUSTIN, Texas, April 11 /U.S. Newswire/ — The Universal Living Wage Campaign has called for a National Day of Action at the nation's post offices to promote the Universal Living Wage. The goal of the Universal Living Wage Campaign is to fix the federal minimum wage. Using existing government guidelines, the campaign has devised a formula that indexes the federal minimum wage to the local cost of housing and ensures that anyone working a 40 hour week will be able to afford basic rental housing wherever that work is done throughout the United States. Having built a political base of over 1,450 businesses, unions, religious groups and non-profits, the campaign will go to the nation’s Post Offices and call for a Universal Living Wage. Go to  and click on the first hot link: "your contact information," to locate your state and the Post Office where Universal Living Wage Warriors will fly the banner: Reduce your Taxes…with a . "We have found that American business has grown to rely on government subsidies to pick up that portion of the wage that they have failed to provide. Workers have been forced, in ever increasing numbers, to depend on food stamps, AFDC, general assistance, and even the Earned Income Tax Credit. Congress intended these to be emergency, stop gap measures. Instead, many businesses have used these government supports to meet basic payroll," said Mary Nicosia, the campaign's educational officer. "A national shift is occurring from the business responsibility of paying a Fair Wage for a Fair Day's Work, to creating an ever increasing burden on tax payers. Let all businesses become responsible community partners."

There will be at least one action in every state in the Union from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. local time.

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