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Receipt Revolution!
Use Your Gas Receipts to Demand Fuel Efficient Choices

Dear Ian,

Polls show many Americans are downright disgusted with high gas prices—and Congress knows it. We need to take that pain at the pump and make it into a real symbol that Washington cannot ignore. Congress’ return from August recess is the perfect time for us to make it crystal clear that Americans see more fuel-efficient choices in cars, pickups, and SUVs as the way to reduce pain at the pump.

Send your senators a personalized gas receipt, and get all your friends to do it, too!

Here’s what you do:

Think of the impact that dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of gas receipts with personal messages could have on a Congressional office. This can make the problem—and the solution—feel far more real and pressing on Capitol Hill.

So let’s get to it, and give the Senate a September to remember!

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Scott Nathanson
National Field Organizer
Clean Vehicles Program

More Information:

 Eight in 10 Americans are worried that gas prices could seriously damage the economy, including 42 percent who are very worried about it. 94 percent are dissatisfied with the price of gas, and 44 percent are more than just annoyed—they’re angry about it according to an August ABC poll. That message is resonating on Capitol Hill where gas price politics are in full swing in this election year. But in order for gas prices to be an agent for real, positive change, our members of Congress need to hear that Americans believe the best approach to dealing with the issue is more fuel-efficient choices in our cars and trucks. More…

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