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From: Long Island for Malachy!Join America’s Peace Party Now!
Long Island for Malachy! calls on voters who oppose the Iraq War to enroll in the Green Party

writeinimage.05.GIFYou don’t have to wait until election day to send a message that you want our troops brought home from Iraq now. “If you have been let down by the results of the recent primaries, you can register in America’s Peace Party, the Green Party right now,” said Green Party of NY State Co-Chair and Long Island for Malachy! Co-founder Ian Wilder. “Registering in the Green party right now will show the people in power that you support a political party that supports peace. The Green Party is the only national party committed to peace and an end to war. Enrolling Green and voting Green is the only option left during the 2006 campaign season for citizens to demand peace.”

You can use a voter enrollment form to change your party enrollment. To enroll in the Green Party you just need to check off the box marked “Other” and write in the word “Green.” Click here to go to the New York State Board of Elections site to change your enrollment.

In 2004 , the Green Party of New York State (GPNYS) ran War Resisters League Co-Secretary David McReynolds for US Senate. In 2006, GPNYS is running union activist Howie Hawkins for Senate as an alternative to Senator Hillary Clinton. Clinton has consistently voted for Bush’s wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Clinton has voted to increase military spending. Hawkins calls for an immediate return of the troops from Iraq, and for $300 billion in cuts to the military.

Author/actor Malachy McCourt is the Green Party candidate for Governor. Both Democratic candidate Eliot Spitzer and Republican candidate John Faso support the Iraq War. Both Spitzer and Faso support the death penalty. The Green party is proud to offer New Yorkers a progressive choice on the ballot. McCourt has spoken out loudly against the death penalty. And McCourt’s campaign calls for an immediate withdrawal from Iraq. “Every dollar we send to Washington supports this war, so we must find ways to not send money to Washington”, said McCourt. “Our State Legislature must condemn this war. And we must condemn war as a way of solving problems.”

The Green Party needs to get 50,000 votes for Governor in order to regain automatic ballot status. Being a ballot status party would allow the Green Party to run many more Peace candidates, and make it easier to enroll in the Green Party. With ballot status in 2001, the Green Party we ran over 200 candidates in New York state. Without ballot status in 2005, we ran only 20 candidates.

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