It ain’t easy being green.


  It ain’t easy being green.
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I have finally come to terms with the fact that I am no longer a Democrat (regardless of which black person or female person runs for Pres in 2008).  In 2000 and 2004, I was strongly inclined to vote for Nader and Cobb, respectively, but fell prey to the political spin doctors who said that would be a wasted vote. And so passionate was my hatred of Bush & Cheney, Inc. that I wanted to vote whichever way would not get them elected.  All the political analysts said not to vote Green because surely that would help Bush get elected, and that scared me.  So I voted for Gore in 2000.  By 2004 I had become so sickened and dismayed by the Republican war mongers that, oops I did it again.  I voted for Kerry, even though I found him a superficial fence-rider.  And even though he, along with the majority of other Democrats in Congress voted to give Bush the power to declare war in Iraq without their prior approval (WTF?!), I was blinded by my complete and utter loathing of Bush, so I saw no other way but to give my vote to Kerry.  All the while, I was extinguishing all the thoughts and notions about voting for the party I really identified with….the Green Party.  Once again, I felt I wouldn’t want to waste that vote. 

So now it’s 2007 and many Democrats are happily jizzing all over themselves at the idea of the first black or female president.  Leave it to the press to treat these candidates like they are the exception and not the rule, and shame on Dems for perpetuating this idea.  So, I’m supposed to vote for Hilary because she has a vagina?  What about the fact that she voted to send 80,000 more troops to Iraq just last year?   And Obama is already chanting the requisite Democrat Fence-Riding mantra, “I support civil unions, but not gay marriage.”  I don’t really understand the reasoning here.  Is this so they can tap into the wide pool of semi-homophobic voters out there?  Are there really that many people in this country who fully support civil unions, but are staunchly aginst gay marriage?  And this begs an even more important question:  If Obama is elected President, will Tinky Winky finally be able to join in a civil union? As long as he can’t get married, I’m okay. 

Simply put, my feelings are that the Dems don’t know their asses from a hole in the ground.  Howard Dean has done a shitty job as the Chairman of the DNC, and his balls are tangled up in the proverbial fence that most of the Democrats enjoy riding.  (Chris Baker….I nominate you to untangle them.  Have fun.)  I view them as a liability to our country, and now I feel like voting for THEM is a wasted vote.  Look what they’ve done with my/our support!  They keep whining about how they were lied to by Bush about the Iraq War, but they aren’t doing anything about it.  Puh-lease tell me you don’t believe that in Oct 2002 the Dems thought there was a clear link between 9/11 and Sadam Hussein.  A stem cell would have known Bush was lying then….how is it all these Ivy League graduates in Congress were duped?! And we still don’t have a viable national health care plan for all people or a plan to reduce the greenhouse gases emitted by our country.  Why???  Certainly it’s not because Dems are enjoying kickbacks from insurance companies, military contractors, and fossil fuel burning corporations to keep their mouths shut and their asses on the fence. 

The Green Party has clear-cut, workable solutions to all of these problems, and they are sincere in their efforts to achieve them.  They have my vote in 2008. 

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