Tell Congress: Fund Withdrawal, Not Escalation

Tell Congress to Use the Power of the Purse

President Bush won’t listen to nonbinding resolutions — so it’s time for Congress to force him to change course in Iraq.

take action now.

Soon, Congress will be asked to approve yet another supplemental funding bill for the occupation of Iraq. Regrettably, President Bush has — in direct opposition to the will of the American people — chosen to escalate the conflict, which will inevitably lead to more American fatalities and little or no progress in Iraq.

It’s become clear that the President simply refuses to listen to any “advisory” or “nonbinding” measures passed by Congress. Therefore, Congress must now get serious and use their power of the purse to compel a fundamental change in our Iraq policy.

Tell Congress to appropriate funds ONLY for a safe withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.

When the President’s funding request arrives on Capitol Hill, we have a simple proposition for Congress: deny the President funds for anything but operations to safely draw down our troop presence in Iraq.

If Congress really wants to “support the troops,” they must now stand up to the President who misled us into the invasion and occupation of Iraq — and force him to bring the troops home. Nonbinding resolutions clearly won’t accomplish this task, so it’s now time for Congress to use their power of the purse.

Click here to tell Congress: fund withdrawal, NOT escalation, in Iraq.

Thank you for working to build a better world.

Will Easton
Working Assets

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