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Re: Body of War, a movie by Phil Donahue

Please watch this movie and/or call a local theatre and ask them to show it.

To those who are able, call Long Island theatres and request that they show it also. Some numbers below:

East Hampton Cinema 631-324-0448
Green Acres Cinemas Valley Stream 516-561-2100
Hampton Arts Twin Cineplex Odeon 631-288-2600
Island 16 Cinema deLux Holtsville 631-758-9100
Regal Cinema Ronkonkoma 631-580-9714
Loews Theatre Roosevelt Field Mall 516-741-4105
Loews Stonybrook Theatre 631-941-0124
National Amusements Commack Multiplex 631-462-6953

— thomas/brinson ltbrin

Dear Veterans For Peace, supporters and peace activists,

Last night I was privileged to see the Phil Donahue produced film Body of War about valiant IVAW member Thomas Young¹s struggle with being paralyzed by an Iraqi sniper very early in the invasion of Iraq. It is a courageous and most moving film that contrasts the horrid realities of war with the callousness with which politicians, even those such as John Kerry who have experienced the worst of war, and have chosen to forget, send our military to illegal, immoral, inhumane wars of occupation.

It has been booked by the Landmark Distributors at the IFC Center Theatre on 6th Avenue in New York City and other major cities this week. It¹s run will very much depend on what kind of audience it builds this week. Therefore, I urge everyone to take the time and energy and expense to get to the IFC Center Theatre to see this important film about our need to bring the troops home NOW !~!~!

Peace Out & In,
thomas brinson, Facilitator
Long Island Veterans For Peace, Chapter 138


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