Green Party Meeting in Chicago: Diversity Offerings

Info and Schedule for Green Party Annual National Meeting in Chicago below.

KW: Greetings. This is a personal message and summary from Kimberly. Though, I have recently been elected as one of the Co-Chairs of the GP-US Diversity Committee, so I would appreciate anyone who could come by the Diversity Committee meeting on Thursday, July 10th at 1pm at the Chicago convention.

Below is a list of workshop, caucus and meeting dates. Please note that I left off the room numbers, partially because they are sometimes subject to change. Please see the schedule published at the meeting, and/or check the message board/ride board at the meeting.

GP-US Annual National Meeting in Chicago

Thursday July 10th to Sunday, July 13th 2008
select meetings, diversity caucuses and workshops

Thursday at 1:00: Diversity Caucus/Diversity Committee Meeting

Thursday at 2:30: Lavender Caucus

Thursday at 4:00: National Women’s Caucus

Thursday at 8pm: By-laws, Rules and Policies BRPP

Friday at 9:00am: Platform Hearings

Friday at 9:15am: Black Caucus

Friday at 9:15: Dispute Resolution (no room announced, check message board)

Friday at 10:45am: (forming) Disability Caucus

Friday at 1:00pm: (forming) Youth Caucus

Friday at 10:45: “The Constitutional MAP for Voter Disfranchisement”, with Asa Gordon of the DC Statehood Green Party

Friday at 2:30pm: (forming) Latino Caucus

Friday at 2:30: “Democratizing the Electoral College”, with Asa Gordon of the DC Statehood Green Party

Friday at 4pm: “Red, Black, Brown and Green: Positive Solutions to the Issues of Poverty, Immigration and Environment Destruction”, with Omar López of Chicago and Jahahara Amen-RA Alkebulan-Ma’at of California.

Saturday is the Presidential Convention.

Sunday 10:45am to noon: “LGBT Activism: Recent Victories and Future Goals”, with Jerome Pohlen, Green Party 3rd Illinois District Congressional candidate

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