LWV & Peace Action compares Cynthia McKinney to other Prez candidate

Other comparisons of the candidates are at the bottom of this post.

Peace Action created a Peace Voter ’08 candidate guide that opens as a pdf.

Ian’s Notes:

  • The position on “BELIEVES THE US SHOULD PROHIBIT TORTURE AND OBEY LAWS AND TREATIES ON THE HUMANE TREATMENT OF PRISONERS.” does not take into account that neither McCain nor Obama spoke out against Bush’s signing statement that allows him undo US law and to determine when torture is necessary.
  • Also McCain and Obama want to maintain or increase our presence in Afghanistan while McKinney wants immediate withdrawal.

The New York State League of Women Voters (LWV) has a 2008 VOTERS’ GUIDE PART II–FACTS FOR VOTERS
that has comparison of all the Presidential candidates on the New York ballot on the issues of Healthcare and the Iraq War.

Ian’s Notes:

  • Neither Obama nor McCain are proposing a single payer healthcare system that would remove the wasteful insurance companies.
  • Both McCain and Obama voted for funding the Iraq War, while McKinney voted against it.

Here is what they have for Cynthia McKinney:

EXPERIENCE: US Representative from Georgia; Georgia House of Representatives; Atlanta HIV Heath
Services Council; College Professor
EDUCATION: University of Southern California; Tufts University, BA, 1978
WEB SITE: votetruth08.com
NOTABLE: First African-American Georgia Congresswoman
AGE: 53
RESIDENCE: Atlanta, Georgia [Actually, it is now California.]
VP NOMINEE: Rosa Clemente – Journalist and Activist

Health Care Stance (According to published candidate information)
The United States is the only industrialized nation in the world without a national health care system. The
current system’s high costs and widely recognized failures demand that bold steps be taken. The Green Party
supports a universal, comprehensive, national single-payer health insurance program as the only solution to the current disastrous for-profit system.
Iraq and the Middle East (According to published candidate information)
Our government does not have the right to justify pre-emptive invasion of another country on the grounds that the other country harbors, trains, equips and funds a terrorist cell. Our commitments compel us to oppose U.S. government support for “friendly” regimes, both in Israel and in the Arab world, whenever those regimes violate human rights, international law, and existing treaties. Those same values compel us to support popular movements for peace and demilitarization.


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