Bob Westcott & Jim Frazzitta 6/20/09

SATURDAY, JUNE 20th 8 PM at The Conklin Barn (corner of New York Ave. and High St.), Huntington Village. Admission: $10. Coffee, Tea, and light refreshments served. Hotline 631-368-1920. OPEN TIME All musicians and poets welcome to share a song or two (starts at 8 PM) 

Guitarist BOB WESTCOTT is no stranger to Long Island audiences. His career began as a teenager playing guitar in the streets and baskethouses of Greenwich Village, and, more auspiciously, as one of the very first members of the Wes Houston Band. Onetime owner of Folk City and famed Greenwich Village scene author Robbie Woliver has called Bob “the real deal”, and for good reason: Bob has been perfecting his elegant finger-style guitar work for well over 30 years. During the 60’s, Bob played in the basket houses of Greenwich Village, then moved to Manchester, England to explore the British folk scene, then traveled throughout Canada and the US in the 70’s, living in the Midwest, California and upstate New York before settling on eastern Long Island.

Both timely and timeless, his astonishing guitar playing and universally resonant songwriting have made him a perennial favorite on the Long Island scene and he impresses audiences wherever he goes. His performances are peppered with stories about his personal experiences, his travels and travails. This professional is also a Long Island Music Award nominee, and his album Rollin’ Along finds frequent use in many a CD player. His CD Wherever You Go is beautifully crafted, an exploration of instrumental destinations which is “well-grounded and substantial, yet delicate and airy… an appealing choice for any fan of melodic instrumental music.” Bluegrass-flavored Desperate Man is a roots duet of Bob’s voice and his solo guitar.

Bob has opened for several nationally-known performers, including John Hammond, Merle Haggard, Richie Havens, Tom Paxton, The Nields, and most recently, Richard Shindell. His ”Annual Holiday Revue” is a perennial favorite event of Long Island audiences, and he is much in demand as a session player, showcasing his breathtaking skill as a fingerpicker and multi-instrumentalist. Recently, he has morphed into ‘Pops’, the arthritic and acerbic guitar god of those good-time blue-haired bluesrockers, The Defibrillators, plays bass in the topical group Blacklisted and the Banned, and has delved into the music of Memphis with The Daydreamers, a ‘folkabilly’ outfit of bass, snare and Bob’s red Gretsch.

JIM FRAZZITTA has released a new CD entitled Twenty Years Below.It is essentially an acoustic effort rooted in folk tradition yet addressing contemporary themes. Jim has played over 300 performances in a 13 year career and his songs have been played on numerous stations across the world including: WBAI, NY; KUMD, Duluth, MN; WBNI, Northeast IN; WUSB, Stonybrook, NY; KIOS, Omaha, NE; and on the internationally syndicated Folkswagon program out of the U.K. Tonight, Jim will perform a full set of his music including many selections from his new album. Twenty Years Below is available for sale. Visit Jim’s website at


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