13-year-old Daniel Hauser may have gained a friend

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(excerpt from) Associated Content
Daniel Hauser is Missing: Defies Court, Runs with Mother to Avoid Chemotherapy

by saul relative / May 21, 2009

Hodgkin’s Survivor Billy Joe Best Thought to Be with Daniel and Colleen Hauser

Daniel Hauser and his mother, Colleen, are on the run. And they may have been joined by Hodgkin’s Lymphoma survivor Billy Joe Best.

According to CNN, Daniel Hauser, the 13-year-old boy who was ordered by a Minnesota judge to undergo chemotherapy, did not appear for a court-ordered hearing Tuesday and Judge John Rodenberg issued a warrant for Colleen Hauser’s arrest. Anthony Hauser, who appeared at the hearing, told the judge that he had not seen his wife since the night before, when she told him that she was leaving “for a time.”

Although Anthony Hauser appears to be cooperating with the Brown County authorities, the Sheriff’s Office stated that they could not attest to the veracity of the statements provided them by the elder Hauser…

Kimberly Wilder writes:

My position on this story is that: A. It is not for the world to judge. With a story like this, there are relationships and feelings we can never know, and facts and court documents that are confidential. Mostly what we can do is wish for a good outcome, support the characters involved, and use it as a learning point for ourselves and B. I at least see that the mom and son have a point in not wanting chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is not medicine. It is strategic poisoning. And, there should be as much discussion on the morality of using chemotherapy as on the morality of the mom’s decision.

I am disappointed with progressives and activist types who adopt the media/government position on situations like this. It is so easy to fall into the various traps set by our status quo government and status quo media: We are made to feel separate from the family because they made a religious vs. science decision (invoke knee jerk sentiment against the right wing); We are supposed to have faith and want more funding for government run child protective programs (which seem to be useless and underfunded most of the time, but spring into action when a parent is making a quasi-political statement, isn’t that interesting?…); and we fall for the tendency to consume the news, instead of respond to the situation, because it is addressed as an exciting story to lull us into entertainment during the boring news cycle of the holiday weekend.

The progressive community has called on me in the past to support people who have done arson for a certain cause, or been suspected of doing bombings for a certain cause. Those people I should have mercy on and do action alerts for them–but, not for a confused mother, with a sick son, who is doing what she thinks is right?

I also think that Libertarians should be swarming in support of the family on this matter. If it is important to have the right to own guns, the right to take drugs, and the right to be free from the strictures of government, how can Libertarians not see the value of defending the right of a mother to chose medical treatment for her son? And, what about the child’s rights? The boy is 13-years-old. Certainly not a full adult. But, pretty old for a court to be forcing a course of medical treatment on him. Are they going to hold him down and force feed him the chemo?

More on Billy Joe Best:

An excerpt from the story linked in full here and above:

(excerpt from) WBZ TV in Massachusetts
Best Says Authorities Should Leave Hausers Alone
by Beth Germano, May 22, 2009

BOSTON (WBZ) ―As an international search continues for an American boy who ran away to avoid chemotherapy, a local who did the same thing 15 years ago says cancer treatment should be the boy’s decision to make.

Billy Best is one of the few people anywhere who knows what Daniel Hauser is going through.

Best believes the law has no business in personal healthcare decisions. The courts have said 13-year-old Hauser will die without chemotherapy to treat his cancer…

These days Best doesn’t want to be a cancer survivor telling his story, but a freedom fighter…

“I’d like to grab him and hide him if I could,” Best said. “I don’t know where he is. I am concerned about him.”

Best made national headlines in 1994 when he fled Massachusetts at age 16 to avoid radiation and chemotherapy for his cancer. When WBZ last interviewed him in 2001, his Hodgkin’s Lymphoma was gone. He says he’s living proof that the alternative treatments and supplements he used work…

“They’re on the run and frightened. That’s no place to be when you’re in a healing crisis,” he said…

Daniel Hauser and his mother were last seen Tuesday in southern California. Investigators believe they may now be in Mexico where there are dozens of clinics that use alternative therapies to treat cancer.

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  1. Run Daniel, run!!! Run Collen Run!!! I wish I could help you! You have my love and support!!!

    the bottom line is that corrupted traditional medical and phama industries are bribing judges and courts to scare people in a last intent to keep their unmoral business alive! they are using force as a last resource; they have been using force on us from the beginning when they try to emulate natural medicine made by monks in Europe, and try to imitate it in the chemical labs; and failed! this is the way the pharmaceutical industry was born

    the web allows to be informed; we don’t buy the gov and old medical school propaganda any more! backed up with pharma money.

    Hodkin’s lymphoma can be treated with many other natural, non toxic methods; alternative medicine, that just means an alternative to toxic chemotherapy, that usually kills patients faster than the cancer is self, burning radiation, or “the point of no return” surgery. (21 years of experience in an alternative cancer treatment in LA, most cancer patients die because chemotherapy suppress/kills the immune system, the body has no defenses and a simple flu or pneumonia ends patients life)

    I’ve seen so many women save their beautiful breasts when taking natural therapies like Hyperthermia. Even Hodki’s lymphoma can be successfully treated with Hyperthermia

    don’t leave,give your life to a doctor; be informed and research in the internet; look for “alternative …. anything”

  2. Colleen and Daniel,

    I write to applaud you for your courage and conviction. Even though you may not see it in the media, there are many out here who support you and understand your rights. Sadly, there are many who do not understand that we are not the property of the government.

    To the author of the article, thank you for your willingness to cover this topic with they thought of individual rights. The Libertarians and liberty-minded people that I know are very upset. In fact, here is a statement from the Constitution Party of MN that I received:

    We live in a Constitutional Republic founded on personal freedom and
    responsibility. The Declaration of Independence focused on rights granted
    to individuals by our Creator, and the Constitution that formed our
    government outlined specific limitations on how those rights and freedoms
    were to be protected. We now have a government that is infringing on
    those rights and freedoms at every turn. The latest example is the New
    Ulm, MN court ruling against Colleen Hauser and how she and her family
    Choose to raise their son and receive medical care. The Constitution Party
    of Minnesota supports Colleen Hauser in her defiance of this tyranny.
    She is a true hero and patriot, risking incarceration for the right to raise
    her family free of government interference.

    The issue should not be about the validity of chemotherapy, which has
    clinical studies paid for by the pharmaceutical companies to prove the
    efficacy of their claims, or whether the natural remedy chosen by the
    family is reasonably effective, which has anecdotal support but no
    clinical studies to prove or disprove its claims because no one is making
    enough money from them to finance those studies. The issue at stake is
    government intrusion into the private lives of its citizens, and
    infringing on their religious beliefs in violation of the First Amendment
    to the Constitution. The court ruling against the family bases its
    authority on the assumption that children are property of the state, not
    the parents, when in reality it is the parents, not the state, that will
    stand before God to be accountable for how they raised their children.

    As Thomas Jefferson predicted, the central government has been quietly
    encroaching into our lives for generations (under both major parties),
    picking off our freedoms one by one, mostly unnoticed by the populace,
    and replacing those freedoms with government “benefits” that soften us for
    the next level of intrusion. If the New Ulm court ruling stands, this now
    includes how we raise our children.

    Constitution Party of Minnesota

  3. My husband was in Daniel’s position last January, yet diagnosed with stage 4 inoperable throat cancer. He took one chemo and a few rads and said, “My body is telling me this is WRONG.” When we said, “No more”, Kaiser pursued us relentlessly, with horrible stories of how we NEEDED to be there for treatment and what we could expect if we didn’t.
    Thus began my search for alternatives, and today, my husband is CANCER FREE, thanks to the research I did, and his following Bill Henderson’s Chapter 5 in his book Cancer Free. Anyone who says cancer is a death sentence must be a follower of the medical/pharma big money group.
    The sadness is that there are so many people out there who are “survivors” of chemo/rad/surgery (oralcancerfoundation.org is one) and their stories are incredibly sad. My husband lives, and lives well and WHOLE because of protocols that are now available because of the Internet. I am only sorry I could not help my father–who died of melanoma–too many years ago to know about what is now out here.

  4. I am not fanatically anti-chemo, and will concede that there may be some cases in which the good can outweigh the harm. But it does destroy the immune system and the liver, and I strongly suspect that in the majority of cases alternative treatments that focus on kicking the immune system into high gear (as with Ellen’s husband) would have a higher survival rate. I’ve known too many people personally who underwent radiation and chemo, and simply wound up being turned into hollowed-out shells and their last months on earth a hell.

    The point is, most of us don’t know what actual data went into the medical associations’ decision-making process, what was filtered out by their drug-em-and-cut-em institutional mindset, and how badly the mix is distorted by their pecuniary interests (see, “Gardasil”). The idea that Daniel and his mother should be forced at gunpoint to substitute the medical-state-pharma complex’s judgment for their own, when there are so many unanswered questions and such a cloud of suspicion over the medical community’s motivations, is an abomination.

  5. Get this message to Mrs Hauser if possible. It will work.

    Colleen Hauser:

    I have a book complied by a doctor on all the known cures of cancer(1700) It is called “How to Fight Cancer and Win” These are cures, documented by medical science and occurred under various medical science experiments. The fact that the physician says that Chemo is the only known scientific cure for Cancer is a lie and is based on the words “known scientific cure”.

    The reason that there is no known cure for cancer is, no company is going to spend a quarter of a billion dollars getting FDA scientific cure approval of a supplement that you can buy on the local corner for $2.00. This coupled with the drug companies strangle hold on the medical profession insures you won’t find it either.

    There is a miracle cure. You can administer to the boy yourself. It will not interfere with Chemo or anything else the medical profession is doing. However, if you let them know what you are doing, I guarantee you will be denied the only cure that has a hope of working. With them using Chemo and monitoring the boy, you will see the results in month. Of course the doctors will insist it is their treatment that is working, but that’s OK. Let them win the Claim Game. The boys life will be your secrete.

    Time is of the essence. This product destroys the cancer and allows the body to heal itself. However Chemo destroys the immune system that heals you, thus you are fighting a time battle. It is also important that you administer supplement boosters for the immune system even though the medical society claims you should not. There is a lot of documented evidence that Chemo patients do better taking supplements than those that don’t. Look up E7 and try the chocolate. It will triple his immune system in a month

    You need to go to the web site of Jim Humble. There are several sites there, but read all you can on the subject of Miracle Mineral System. You can down load his book free. A two year supply costs $30.00. My wife and I have tried this product on me and many of or friends and family for over a year. Everyone scoffs at it, but when it cures them, they are amazed. It is real, it works and it will save your son. Get several bottles before the FDA makes it impossible to buy. If ever we have an chemical attack, it will save all your lives.

    I pray you get this message and give it a try.

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