What is the balance between honoring veterans, while not promoting war?

Action Alert and info below: On Monday, May 25, 2009, March in the Bellport Memorial Day Parade with South Country Peace Group as a presence of peace.

Kimberly writes…

I totally understand that we should honor people who died in wars, or who gave their lives believing (sometimes falsely) that they were serving our country.

Though, sometimes, events to honor veternas get whipped up into a frenzy that mixes patriotism with war.

I went to the Bellport Memorial Day parade one year, and the military had a Humvee vehicle throwing candy out into the streets for children. It was about hype, glamor and military recruitment. Not a solemn event at all.

So, I hope that people will go to the Memorial Day parade and stand with the peace people. Or, stand anywhere, and bring a message that is more true and genuine. Support veterans. Take care of wounded soldiers. But, also work so that someday we will not have to send young men and women to war, especially when the cause is a lie. Maybe you could wave an American flag in one hand, and a peace flag in the other hand.

From South Country Peace Group:


March in the Bellport Memorial Day Parade with South Country Peace Group as a presence of peace.

Monday, May 25th, 2009. Gather at 10:45 AM at Bellport Community Center on Bell St…across from Porters/municipal parking lot.

Please remember that signs are not permitted in this parade, but it would be great to have a large peace contingent walking behind the SCPG banner!!  We suggest participants wear black but not required.

About the parade from the official parade web-site: here.

Each year, the Village of Bellport has a Memorial Day Parade to honor local veterans. The parade begins near the Village Hall, travels up Bellport Lane to the Four Corners, and finishes at the Cemetery on Station Road. Local veteran groups, local organizations, fire and ambulance companies, and marching bands from various Bellport schools are among the parade participants.

The 2009 Memorial Day Parade will be held on Monday, May 25th.

There has been some confusion regarding the starting time of the 2009 Memorial Day Parade. The parade will definitely begin at 11:00am.

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