Finding support (or at least sympathy) for Colleen Hauser (mom of 13-year-old with chemo)

Night of Monday, May 25th Update: here.

Afternoon of Monday, May 25th Update: Please note that the AP reported around 3:30 pm on Monday, that Colleen Hauser and Daniel Hauser are back in Minnesota. Story: here.

Dr. Rahul K. Parikh is a physician who writes for His article is posted at the Toronto Star, and explains chemotherapy and its side effects. Dr. Parikh notes that, “We shouldn’t be judging the ‘chemo kid'”. And, he asserts, “Those who have been through the living hell of cancer treatment understand the Hausers’ decision to run away.”

The Constitution Party of Minnesota notes that it is a parent’s Constitutional right to make medical decisions for their children. The party’s statement was posted by a reader in the comments section of and is now posted at Independent Political Report: here.

My previous post at is here.

In a May 25, 2009 post, Barbara Simpson at World Net Daily says, “Hands off our children!” She writes:

…How did we allow ourselves to get to this point?

There are age requirements to drink, smoke, drive, sign contracts, vote, get married and join the military. Parents are legally responsible for their minor children involved in any of those activities and those who get involved in crimes.

Yet if parents make a medical decision the “state” doesn’t like, they lose custody.

The Hausers made a life or death decision. It should be their choice…

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  2. […] Finding support (or at least sympathy) for Colleen Hauser (mom of 13-year-old with chemo) […]

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