Is Nassau Dem Boss headed for statewide?

KW: Newsday reports that NY Governor David Paterson has tapped Jay Jacobs, Nassau County Democratic Chairman, to be the Chair of the State Democratic Committee. The vote would happen in the fall.

I find this humorous and resonant. Governor Paterson has a history of being friends with Republicans such as Joe Bruno, and Governor Paterson was not firmly “on the Democratic side” and “loyal to progressives” during the latest NY State Senate coup.  And, Jay Jacobs — as noted here before — was once quoted on a Nassau college radio station saying, “The Republican Party is my second favorite party.” Jay Jacobs is no friend of third parties and new ideas. Jacobs understands the gentlemen’s agreement. Jacob’s would be a great choice for politics-as-usual and bipartisan shenanigans in Albany.

And, as I am writing on this topic, I must note that one of my friends believes that the latest coup was all a hoax, a melodrama created for public relations, so that the powers that be could shuffle things in Albany and let people rise to the top that were going to, anyway…

I could see that. All the players as the beginning were basically the same players at the end.

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