Fri. 9/4 on PBS: FEC/Campaign Spending/Hillary Movie Debate

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Bill Moyers Journal Hosts Attorneys on Both Sides in Citizens United v FEC Case

September 3rd, 2009

Bill Moyers Journal, a weekly interview show on Public TV, hosts two attorneys on the September 4, Friday evening broadcast. They are Trevor Potter and Floyd Abrams. Potter is a former FEC Commissioner who has been active in support of the McCain-Feingold law and other restrictions on campaign spending. Abrams is with the ACLU and has been an active opponent of such restrictions. They will discuss the upcoming U.S. Supreme Court hearing in Citizens United v FEC, set for September 9, involving the film, “Hillary: the Movie.” Thanks to ElectionLawBlog for this news.

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  1. Dear Mr. Moyers,
    My husband and I are truly grateful that you speak for those with small voices. Your eloquence on the issues is thrilling, as well as your in-depth questioning. We were also encouraged by the well expressed ideas of Trevor Potter, and greatly disturbed by what Floyd Abrams wants to persuade the court to do. Our democracy has already been seriously compromised by, and partially owned by the American Corporatocracy.

    On another issue that you have covered, we went to two rallies on Health Care Reform in Danbury, CT. The local paper spoke most about those opposing the Public Option because they were rowdy. Unfortunately the media wants action that sells, and that usually means conflict, rather than cooperation. They are skewing the perception of the public by giving to much air time and newspaper space to the rabble rousers. Congressman Christopher Murphy’s ability to contain the crowd was quite impressive, as was his responsiveness to questions.

    Someone mentioned the Oregon legislation to give a 50% tax credit, as a Wellness Incentive Reward, to employers who offer Wellness Programs to their workers; and workers who participate in the program would get reduced premiums. That’s a wonderful way to incentivize American health. Can you do a program on Wellness motivation?

    As a diabetic who is lucky enough to control my sugar level with diet and exercise, I am a strong opponent of the sugar and starch in the American diet. I believe that sugar, just as nicotine, is a drug that should be regulated and taxed. And corporate America should not use artificial sugar substitutes to compensate for reduced sugar in their products. We can be weaned from sugar just as high blood pressure patients are weaned from salt. Our taste buds gradually adapt to the new routine.

    I look forward to a possible response from you,
    Jane Herschlag

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