Will party boss end the ability to cross-endorse in NY?

Nassau County Democratic Party Chair Jay Jacobs once said on the radio, “The Republicans are my second favorite party.”

It would be a sea change in New York politics if fusion was ended – if parties could not cross-endorse the candidate of another party.

from Ballot Access News
New York State Democratic Party Chair Hints He Wants to Abolish Fusion

September 13th, 2009

Jay Jacobs, who will soon take up his post as state chair of the New York Democratic Party, says he tends to want to make it illegal for two political parties to jointly nominate the same candidate, according to this Newsday article.

The article does not mention that in 1912, the New York State Court of Appeals ruled that the State Constitution protects the right of two political parties to jointly nominate the same candidate.

Jacobs complains that the 3 qualified minor parties of New York state (Conservative, Working Families, and Independence) don’t run enough of their own members for public office. However, there are many changes in state election law that could be made, to increase the number of candidates running for office in the general election. New York state could alter its definition of “political party” so that parties like the Green, Libertarian, and Constitution Parties could enjoy that status. Those parties would tend to mostly run their own members for public office. New York state could also alter the order in which parties are listed on the ballot, so that any party appearing on the ballot has an equal random shot at appearing on the top line, as many states do. That would tend to decrease the influence of the older qualified minor parties, relative to newer ones.

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  1. I agree with Jay Jacobs. Cross-endorsement is a failed experiment. Democracy is a plethora of voices.

    from Newsday:

    “It doesn’t give voters choice; it takes choice away,” Jacobs says of cross-endorsement. “Choice would be having different candidates on each of the lines.”

    Now if Jacobs actually meant this he would also be working to rid NY law of the byzantine rules that effectively prevent citizen candidates from running. Somehow, I don’t expect to see that.

  2. […] onthewilderside blog, Green Party member Ian Wilder posted the following comments: I agree with Jay Jacobs. […]

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