AZGP Leaders/Moms call for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

In honor of Mother’s Day, Arizona Green Party (AZGP) leaders & mothers formally oppose SB 1070 (Arizona’s new anti-immigrant legislation), and call for comprehensive immigration reform. The AZGP leaders say that they stand firmly for social justice for all those living in this country, regardless of their immigration status.

Linda Macias, AZGP vice co-chair, mother, and Green Party candidate for the Arizona State Legislature (House—LD 21) says,

We need major federal reform of our immigration laws. Immigrants come to the United States in hope of a better life. We need to give them citizenship now and write immigration laws that are humane and just.

Rebecca DeWitt, AZGP secretary, mother, and Green Party candidate for U.S. Congress (CD 4) commented,

Government should protect and serve the individual, not terrorize them. Our U.S. Constitution protects the rights of everyone in the country, whether they are native-born or immigrant.

The AZGP leaders also state that Arizona’s anti-immigrant legislation does not address the root causes of migration: poverty, lack of economic opportunity, war and political conflict, and environmental devastation.

Angel Torres, AZGP state co-chair, Teamsters union steward, and Green Party candidate for the Arizona State Legislature (House—LD 16) says,

As a Puerto Rican/Xicano and life-long Arizonan, SB 1070 is an insult to me, my family and the entire Latino community. To scapegoat or racially profile an entire community does not solve the problem. Our economic and immigration policies need to serve the interests of all working-class folks, not the interests of the corporations.

The Arizona Green Party (AZGP) encourages all Arizonans to join the grassroots movement to overturn SB 1070, and organize for comprehensive immigration reform. Our mission is to build and sustain an alternative, progressive political party that promotes and practices the Ten Key Values. We do not accept corporate donations and uniquely rely on the generosity of individual donors and volunteers. The four pillars of the Green Party are Grassroots Democracy, Social Justice, Non-violence and Ecological Wisdom.

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