Lori Berenson granted parole!

For the March 2011 story at the NY Time Magazine, go: here.
January 2011 update, from the Free Lori website: “24 January 2011 In this update: Parole is Sustained for Lori Berenson”


For authentic info from Lori’s family, please go to the web-site of the committee to support Lori: www.freelori.org.

Looking for the November, NY Times article? It’s here. “An American in Peru, Out of Jail but in Limbo”, published on Friday, November 26th.

Lori Berenson: Granted Parole

“I certainly am saddened, and I’m sorry that I have been part of something that was considered so damaging,” she said, bouncing her son on her knee as she acknowledged her ties to M.R.T.A., now a thoroughly marginalized group. “My participation has been collaborating. You know, I rented a house. I shared ideological things,” she continued, claiming she never had plans to participate in violence. – excerpt from NY Times article


November 9, 2010 Update:
Still on parole and is free. Though there is an
appeal. Good story at CNN: here.

November 2010 Update:
Yes! Lori was granted parole again.
Story at Newsday: here

Aug 2010 Update:
Concern for Lori! Story: here.

For info and updates, please go to the web-site of the committee to support Lori: www.freelori.org. They report:

Lori and Salvador are Granted Parole!

On May 25, 2010 a Peruvian judge, after carefully studying Lori’s application for what in Perú is termed “conditional liberty” (parole), determined that Lori has earned her freedom. Lori and her son Salvador will be leaving prison in a few days and moving to an apartment in Lima.

There is a story at the NY Daily News: here.

Background: Lori Berenson, a New Yorker, has been in prison in Peru for decades, based on charges that she worked with a revolutionary movement in Peru. Many progressive groups helped the cause to free her over the years, including PeaceSmiths of Long Island.

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  1. Soy peruano y admiro a esta dama norteamericana por su alta calidad humana y extraordinaria sensibilidad por los más pobres.

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