Eight candidates file petitions for 2010 NY Governor’s race

In New York state, a third party without automatic ballot status is actually an independent political body.

The deadline to file independent nominating petitions for statewide office for the 2010 elections in New York was today. You can find a link to the official count: here. As of Tuesday, August 17th at 6:40pm, the NYS Board of Elections has seven candidates listed as having filed petitions for Governor:

APP Anti-Prohibition Party: Kristin M. Davis

FDM Freedom Party: Charles Barron

GRN Green Party: Howie Hawkins

LBT Libertarian Party:
(The BOE lists two candidates as having filed – Sam Sloan and Warren Redlich)

RDH Rent is 2 Damn High Party: Jimmy McMillan

TXP Taxpayers Party: Carl P. Paladino

[6:40pm update] TEA Tea Party: Steve Cohn

There will be a period when petitions can be challenged. A decision of the BOE and/or a lawsuit may decide which Libertarian name is on the ballot. Warren Redlich was the candidate chosen formally by the New York State Libertarian convention.

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