Green Party of Suffolk Demands LGBT Legislation

Green Party of Suffolk Urges NY State Senate to
Move Forward on Pro-LGBT Legislation
Green Party of SuffolkThe Green Party of Suffolk County, NY is adding their voice to those calling on the NY State Senate to stop blocking two pro-LGBT bills so that they may see a vote. We ask all who feel LGBT individuals deserve equal rights to contact the NY State Senate to urge them to pass these bills.

The first bill, introduced by Sen. Daniel Squadron, is NY Senate bill # S-61-b, also known as GENDA, or the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act. This bill will amend all existing state human/civil rights and nondiscrimination laws to include the category of Gender Identity and Expression, making it illegal to discriminate against transgender or gender-nonconforming people throughout NY State. At this time, only Suffolk County, the New York City Metro area, and several townships in Upstate New York have explicit gender rights protections. A state law is needed to make these laws enforceable, and to make the entire state of NY a place trans and gender-nonconforming people can live in safety and with dignity. While the state has passed recent measures to reinterpret existing definitions of the category “sex” to include “transgender and gender-nonconforming people,” it is not the same as an explicit law to protect all New Yorkers.

The second bill, introduced by Sen. Brad Hoylman, is NY Senate bill # S-121. This bill is designed to ban the use of “conversion therapy” on LGBT youth. Although it has been established that gender identity or sexual orientation cannot be changed, there are still those who believe this can be done, exercising discredited and harmful activity on LGBT youth. California, Maryland, and New Jersey have passed anti-conversion therapy laws, but New York has not. We ask you to contact the Senate committee heads listed below and urge them to let these bills out of committee and to support them.

We urge you to contact your individual NY State Senators, encouraging them to support these bills. 

The text of NY State Senate page for GENDA (S-61-b).

The text of NY State Senate page for the Anti-Conversion Therapy bill s-121.

To contact NY State Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan to urge him to put these bills to a vote before the Senate session ends in June:
Albany office: (518) 455-2071
Suffolk County office: (631) 361-2154

To contact the committee GENDA is currently in: Sen. Andrew Lanza Investigation and Government Operations Committee
Albany office: (518) 455-3215
Staten Island office: (718) 984-4073

To contact the committee the Anti-Conversion Therapy bill is currently in: Sen. Robert Ortt Mental Health Committee
Albany office: (518) 455-2024
Lockport office: (716) 434-0680

Unsure of who your representative is? You may find that information at For further inquiries, please contact Press Secretary Marisa Pizza at:


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