AP Begins Crediting Bloggers as News Sources

In a letter to its members last week, Associated Press made the announcement that bloggers should be cited as a news source. This is a significant move from the AP, given that they have a history of not exactly ‘getting on’ with bloggers. Given that such a large news organisation has made a point of […]

The AP has got to be kidding – ignorant diss towards third parties

Forgetting the Abolitionists, and the Woman’s Suffrage Party, the AP has chosen to characterize third parties as spoilers, whose only real successes have been Strom Thurmond and George Wallace. Gee. Thanks. Interestingly, this article does mention Ralph Nader and Bob Barr, but completely leaves out Green Party Presidential Candidate Cynthia McKinney, whose poll numbers at […]

Amnesty International condemns use of force by police at RNC in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Amnesty International: Use of Force Against RNC Protesters “Disproportionate,” Charges Amnesty International [London]–Amnesty International is concerned by allegations of excessive use of force and mass arrests by police at demonstrations in St. Paul, Minnesota during the Republican National Convention (RNC) from September 1-4, 2008. The human rights organization is calling on the city and county […]