NYC Police handcuff City Councilman and aid to the Public Advocate

KW writes: The New York Police were really caught red-handed in a sample of their systemic, business-as-usual, prejudice and bullying. Background story, The Councilman explaining what happened that day: here. (exerpt from) Daily Politics/NY Daily News City Councilman Jumaane Williams: NYPD Lying About West Indian Day Parade Incident by Celeste Katz/Erin Einhorn 9/6/2011 A city […]

Save teaching jobs: Forget hike for consultants

KW writes: While politicians whine about school budgets: The proposal to stop hikes for consultants (or, maybe even let go some consultants) is a great idea, proposed in NYC, that could apply elsewhere. Some folks might also remember the school attorney scandal in NY. Some of the largess of school systems goes to overpaid consultants, […]

NYC Mayor election is an eight candidate race

from Ballot Access News New York City Mayor Election Is an Eight-Candidate Race [List of all Mayor, Comptroller, and Public Advocate candidates on the ballot] October 11th, 2009 The November 3, 2009 New York city Mayoral ballot will include these eight candidates, in this ballot order: William C. Thompson (Dem., Working Families), Michael R. Bloomberg […]

Public School Parents’ Bill of Rights

This discussion is happening in New York City. Though, I think it is always interesting to think about the rights of children and the rights of parents who utilize our public schools. from A pitch to expand the city’s parents’ bill of rights (which exists) by Elizabeth Green