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Strategic Communication Laboratories shows its operations centre for the first time

DSEi 2005 (Defence Services and Equipment International) will play host to a new concept in peacekeeping by showing how persuasion and influence can change minds, reduce casualties and manage major incidents.

On stand 1951 at the Exhibition, Strategic Communication Laboratories (SCL), the world’s first provider of strategic communications solutions has built a complete OpCentre on site and will be making daily demonstrations of its carefully developed techniques.

Core to the display will be a massive command and control centre where the company is running a series of scenarios explaining how strategic communications can dramatically change people’s attitudes. It is through this centre that influence, control and power are put back into the hands of the government giving them greater access to their citizens during a crisis, and greater power to influence enemy disengagement in time of conflict.

Made up of three areas – Input, Strategy and Output – the OpCentre puts military, homeland defence and civil contingencies commanders in control of incidents. During the Input phase a thorough analysis of the situation is made using information from a wide variety of sources. The Strategy segment involves creating the plan to manage the situation and the Output phase establishes the actions to deliver the solution.

Over the last 15 years this type of control over communications has saved thousands of lives on both sides of military conflicts and during peacetime emergencies. For example, according to International Red Cross estimates, during the Liberation of Kuwait in 1991 some 44% of Iraqi soldiers (87,000) lives were saved by persuading them to surrender to the Allies.

At the core of SCL’s solution is work carried out by the Behavioural Dynamics Institute (BDi), the world’s leading authority on persuasion, communications psychology and public diplomacy. BDi is the only academic think-tank in the world with a comprehensive understanding of the psychology behind strategic communications that has been tried and tested and successfully applied on a global scale.

“We believe that the future may well be one dominated by the power of the message and successfully conveying your message will be critical. Technology has developed to such a degree that the capability to engage with the population is now a real possibility. SCL turns that possibility into a reality,” commented the Rt. Hon. Sir Geoffrey Pattie, Chairman of SCL.

He added: “The UK is fast becoming the Centre of Excellence for communication techniques. The UK spends more on research and development of strategic communications than any other country in the world demonstrating its determination to bring non-lethal solutions to military conflicts. SCL is playing a significant part in this work.”

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