War In Iraq Forum: A More Profound Note

by Kimberly Wilder

The organizers of the Merrick-Bellmore Democratic Club are involved in a new effort to re-energize their group by running public forums. As the title suggests, the club is largely involved in discussions about Democrat-centered politics.

Some Nassa Greens have done projects and demonstrations parallel to more progressive Dems in Nassau. So, some Greens and Green candidates were able to come and share their anti-war views.

The first speaker that the organizer put on the program was Richard Goldman, of the Religious Society of Friends and of VP Interfaith Alliance. He was to speak on “Moral Values of War.” He did speak about a totally non-violent approach, and about how war was not moral at all.

Though, Richard Goldman said that he felt the need to change his speech based on a recent event that had shaken him up. A colleague of his had been killed in Iraq, while serving the cause of peace.

That colleague was Tom Fox, who was known to Richard Goldman as a member of the Christian Peacekeeping Team. Only a few people there knew that Tom Fox was also a member of the Green Party of Virginia.

Tom Fox was someone who I did not know. Though, I had shared the sadness of his kidnapping and the grief of his death with my Green colleagues from Virginia. I had been very sad that there was not much more to do for him than to send a message of sympathy to some Virginia Greens, and ask our national party to make a post commenting on his extraordinary life.

It was remarkable that the Nassau Greens and our candidates were invited to this Democratic Club. It was a coincidence that I was able to attend on a weeknight, in the next county. And, then, I was able to hear expressions of love and respect for a departed colleague. And, I also discovered from Richard Goodman that there is a memorial service I can attend to create closure about the loss of Tom Fox.

The Long Island memorial service for Tom Fox will be Sunday March 26th at 1:00 PM at the Westbury Friends Society, on the corner of Post Avenue and Jericho Turnpike.


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