Die-In on Hillary Thurs, 2/23 11:30 am

THURSDAY MARCH 23 11:30-1:00
The Social Justice Alliance at Stony Brook University is  planning a die-in on the arrival of Hillary Clinton for an engagement at the Staller Center at Stony Brook University. Hillary continues to publically support the ongoing War in Iraq.  Join others as we say NO TO WAR!
BRING THE TROOPS HOME! Please consider supporting this event.  
The program inside the Staller Center is from 9:30-12:00.
Those wishing to participate in the die-in should be at the Staller Center at 11:30.  Directions to the university, parking lot and Staller Center are below.  It is so important we take this  opportunity to again say No To War!….and no to Hillary’s stand on the war!
Information on the talk by Hillary is on the university website: http://www.stonybrook.edu/sb/payequity.shtml 
Additional information on the die-in can be found by emailing justice@sbusja.org  (Please contact the Social Justice Alliance if you wish to secure a ticket for the program.) 
Directions/Parking for Hillary Event at Stony Brook University
            March 23, Thursday
9:30 in front of Staller Center for those           attending the presentation
11:30 for those participating in the die-in
Directions to Stony Brook University:
Nicoll Road North off of LIE.  Continue north, crossing route 347. 
After crossing Route 347, turn left at the third traffic light (NOT INCLUDING the light at the Setauket Fire Station). This will be the Main Entrance and the entrance
for the Staller Center/Wang Center. 
There will be several red signs for Visitor Parking, but by 10:00 these lots are generally full.  To park in the visitor overflow for the main parking garage you should:
turn left at the Main Entrance.  Turn right at the first light.  You will immediately see a Faculty/Staff parking lot on the right hand side.  Go into this lot and on the left side are meters for visitors.  The meters take quarters for every fifteen minutes and you are able to
put in enough quarters for several hours.     
Directions to Staller Center: 
Upon leaving the Faculty/Staff parking lot, turn left. 
Walk in front of the Wang Center
which is the large gray/red building in front of you. 
Walk between the Wang Center and the construction site. 
The Staller Center is just beyond the Wang Center on the right.                      

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