Co-op America dissing the Green Party??

From what I understand the Green Party of the US requested to have a booth at last year’s Co-op America Green Festivals, and were told no political booths were allowed.  The same Greens reported that they later found out that the Democrats were exhibiting there. 

Being both a Green Party and Co-op America member,  I wrote to them asking about this story.  No answer.

Do we need a picket or a boycott?

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  1. A picket or boycott’s pretty ridiculous, IMO. Co-op America’s one of the finest organizations out there today, and my family’s relied on them heavily for info on sustainable living and businesses for years. However, like most progressive orgs, they’re probably still uncomfortable with the Green Party (for whatever reason), so I suggest having Greens from around the country email the regularly until they realize we’re serious. I don’t know, of course, how long that would be, but it seems to me the best course of action. Last thing we want to do is alienate allies in the progressive movement!

  2. I went to to the Green Festival in Washington D.C. last year.
    The Dem were all over the place.
    I think Mr. Wilcox is right.
    Greens should email Co Op America and let them know what
    we are up to. They should be on our media list.

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