A message from President Reagan’s first Press Secretary


 Dear IAN,

Twenty-five years ago today, President Ronald Reagan and I were shot by a deranged gunman.

And for twenty of those years, we made real progress in reducing gun violence. But over the last five, you and I have watched as corrupt Congressional leaders — with support from the White House — have sold our country out to the NRA. That's why today, on this 25th anniversary of my shooting, I am launching the Campaign Against Illegal Guns. And I need your help.

We simply must stop the flow of illegal guns into the hands of criminals so that we can end the tragic toll of gun violence in our country once and for all.

Pushed by the NRA, Congress killed the Federal Assault Weapons Ban. They voted to give special legal protection to reckless gun dealers. They even weakened the background checks in the landmark Brady Law that was named in my honor … even though the Brady Law has stopped 1.3 million criminals and prohibited purchasers from buying guns since it was passed in 1994. And guess what? After a steady decline in gun deaths beginning in 1994, gun deaths began going back up in 2001. Big surprise, huh?

It's time for it to stop.

The first milestone of the Campaign Against Illegal Guns is the elections. You and I both know that we won't have meaningful change until we kick out all the lawmakers who care more about the NRA's money than the public's safety. The damage they have inflicted on our gun laws has made it so easy for criminals, juveniles, and even international terrorists to buy firearms in America. This must stop.

The upcoming election gives us the opportunity to hold elected officials accountable for their attack on America's gun laws and on America's safety. And the Brady Campaign is working hard in targeted races across the country where we can have a real impact.

So our immediate request is for you to help us educate America and lawmakers about the scourge of illegal guns as we race toward the upcoming elections. And you can help right now.

1. Donate $25 today. Yes, it's symbolic. It's been 25 years since I was shot and you would do me a great honor to donate that amount. But more importantly, it will get our Campaign Against Illegal Guns off the ground to help us spread our important message to Congress and the American people through advertisements, community forums, and internet advocacy. Click here to contribute now.

2. Add One Person to Our Ranks. Our StoptheNRA e-Activists are some of the most loyal and passionate in the cyber-world. But we need our numbers to grow. Send this email to friends and invite them to join us. If each of you can get one additional person, we will double our size and our impact.

If you want to know more about the details for our Campaign Against Illegal Guns and our specific goals, please click here. You can read more about why illegal guns are such a terrible problem in the United States, what our specific legislative goals are, and much more.

We have a tremendous opportunity right now to put forth a proactive agenda to curb the flow of illegal guns and boot the NRA’s cronies out of office who stand in the way of passing our lifesaving solutions.

I’ve been fighting for a safer America for a quarter-century now. Whenever I feel worn out or discouraged, I think of the indomitable fighting spirit of loyal friends like you and my own spirits are immediately lifted. Thank you for your continued partnership and support!

Yours Truly,
Jim Brady [signature]
Jim Brady

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